Weekend Doodling and Pattern Making

Finally after weeks of procrastinating I made myself sit down & draw this weekend!

I grabbed my favourite coloured Copic Makers & my thin tipped black pens & just went for it. Inspiration came from a paisley pattern book I own. After finishing the drawing I scanned it into the computer & made a pattern on Photoshop – I haven’t done this for ages! So much fun! :)

Flower Drawing

Flower Drawing 2

© The Little Leaf 2013

15 thoughts on “Weekend Doodling and Pattern Making

  1. ooh LittleLeaf I think your paisley design has got personality !
    I had a lovely hand blocked indian paisley patterned cloth years ago which was favourite of mine .
    Endless possibilties with designs inside the form . I agree about gift wrap :-)

  2. This sketch is very likeness our traditional form of painting that was used for decoration for walls and furnishers – goes back to the 1700th. We call it dalmålning
    And some of your art reminds me a about it. Here is one like – but for more use google and search for – dalmålning. Like your sketch very much.

      • You’re so welcome – having been thinking about the resemblance between some of your art and our Dalmålningar. Maybe you had an earlier life over here .. in Dalarna, the county there you find those paintings.

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