Shoot it Sketch it – Pink Gardenia

Hello there, Today for Shoot it, Sketch it  I took a look back at my flower photography to find inspiration for a Valentines Day themed sketch. I found this pretty Gardenia (which some of you may have seen before).

Using the lines of the Gardenia & my Copic Markers I drew a simple version of this flower. I love playing with different sizes & scales of various drawings, so I scanned the drawing in & scaled it right down to a tiny size to make these pretty Valentines Day Gift Tags. These were super easy & a nice way to add a personal touch to any Valentines Day gift.

Pink Gardenia

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

There are a few others that join in on this Weekly Feature, Clouds of Colour, PoppytumpLunch Sketch, Twoscamps, Anna Cull and BreOfficialSite, So pop over to their blogs & check out what they have done!

© The Little Leaf 2013

9 thoughts on “Shoot it Sketch it – Pink Gardenia

  1. Very Pretty Sketch, your flowers look great! Have a lovely day. God Bless ( and oh Thank you so much for the pingback).

  2. Beautiful LL .. I scrolled down ever so slowly in anticipation … wondering how you were going to tackle this bloom …and not just once .. !!!

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