Coolangatta, Queensland

My partner & I felt like exploring more of the coast last weekend after spending Australia Day weekend indoors because of the bad weather. We packed up the camera & went down to Coolangatta – its the southernmost suburb of the Gold Coast. We thought the beaches were still closed after the cyclones, but there were lots of people enjoying the sunshine! Below is a collection of photos from Coolangatta Beach, Rainbow Beach & Snapper Rocks. I love the Surfers Paradise skyline in the Panoramic shot.

What photos do you like?

Gold Coast Photos (3)

Gold Coast Photos (4)

Gold Coast Photos (5)

Gold Coast Photos (6)

Gold Coast Photos (7)

Gold Coast Photos (1)

Gold Coast Photos (2)

21 thoughts on “Coolangatta, Queensland

  1. Greetings, littleleaf! these are all so striking. I wish I could visit your land and go shooting with you. Wouldn’t that be fun? For blogger friends to have a get together at one of their locations and do together what we all like? Anyway, I love all these, but the first and the last keep drawing me back to them.

  2. Beautiful gallery – I would say the skyline photo is my favorite … and the the one with the steps. I love watching surfers too – we don’t have beach for this here … but in Biarritz, France – my beautiful hideaway .. they can get 12 mtr. high waves.

  3. Snapper Rocks is one of my favourite places in Australia, we try and visit every year. Sadly this year I don’t think we can as I am still unemployed :( Thank you for the little visit!

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