The World through my Galaxy Note

The World through my Galaxy Note

Hello there, its been a couple of weeks since I have shared my Galaxy Note photos  – I have been mostly indoors as Queensland was hit by a cyclone which has called a lot of devastation an hour or 2 up the road from us! I captured a few pics of the raindrops on the glass of my balcony, storm clouds & the leaves all over the ground in the days after. I stayed indoors & made cupcakes & smoothies & brainstormed drawing ideas & goals for The Little Leaf blog :)

I hope you all have a creative & relaxing weekend! x


4 thoughts on “The World through my Galaxy Note

  1. That view photo of the storm … amazing … and powerful – and love photos of raindrops in any forms, but I hate to be outside in it. Only place I enjoyed being in the rain was in New Orleans and it rained so the traffic had to stop – but the rain was so warm and pleasant .. everybody took their shoes of and walked barefoot in the rain .. no use having umbrellas. I wish you both a nice weekend with blue sky. Love cupcakes but I want them naked and then they are only muffins .. or ??? Smoothies too.

    • The rain is always warm here, you can always be in Summer clothes & its very refreshing! But no, that cyclone that passed through last weekend was big enough to keep everyone indoors.
      Oh that sounds lovely your time in New Orleans – how much nicer is rain when you aren’t cold & it doesn’t matter if you get wet! Don’t you like the icing on cupcakes? :)

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