Shoot it, Sketch it – Crocus Flower

This week for Shoot it, Sketch it I used this photograph of a Crocus Flower. I took this photograph a few years ago back in New Zealand. I picked the Crocus Flower as I wanted to play with the lines in the petals with my watercolours.

I feel the pressure week to week of this feature – but pressure is good :) It makes me draw & reminds me of the various ways one can interpret a single photograph. I would love to see the results of 100 people using 1 single photograph for drawing inspiration!

Crocus Flower

Crocus Watercolour

If you would like to join in on this weekly feature, leave your name & website below & we will check it out. It is simply a way to get yourself drawing & get inspiration from a photograph & then sharing your photo & your drawing with all of us :)

These talented artists also join in either every week or occasionally –

Clouds of Colour

Anna Cull Illustration & Design




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21 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it – Crocus Flower

  1. What a stunning … photo, have you taken it??? Drawing is so beautiful. I love crocus, the color my world in the early spring over here … and they give me my favorite spice, saffron. 200 flowers for 1 gram … no wonder it’s expensive.

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  3. Well now that is a thought LL ! However today I think you are Queen of the Crocus ;-)
    Lovely graded mauvey- purply – brush – strokes . I look forward to these peeping thro here in Spring !
    Now, if you had been here today you could have helped get my curtains right before the light disappeared ! I’m late with my prep … curtains were the problemo ;-)

    • Ohhh were you trying to put them up? Thank you, I also have a photo of a Crocus Flower with a Bee on it, I will have to share that one day soon & maybe even try & draw it :) Must go & see your Shoot it, Sketch it now :)

  4. I find your blog very inspiring. Especially because I like to take photos and are trying to learn to draw properly.
    You really nail the Essentials of the Photos, maybe I should try this out in near future :)

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