Floral Purple Patterned Drawing

Hello, No Shoot it, Sketch it from me today I’m sorry. I have a really bad neck/shoulder at the moment as I type full time for my job :( Its beginning to effect my drawing, so I am having a break from drawing this weekend & trying to spend less time on the computer. I completed this drawing last week before it got really bad.

You may have seen a glimpse of this drawing on The World through my Galaxy Note feature on Saturday. I was inspired by the flowers & branches of a Magnolia tree & the 4 shades of purple Copic Markers I now have after receiving a new set in the mail last week.

The original is available for purchase now at The Little Leaf shop, you can check it out here. Enjoy x


© The Little Leaf 2013

25 thoughts on “Floral Purple Patterned Drawing

  1. Littleleaf, sounds like the ergonomics are not very good where you work. I know, as I had similar problems too. Everything became alright after re-aligning the desk and chair heights to make sure the keyboard was just slightly below your elbows, with fingers gently resting on the keyboard, and so that when you kept your arms close to your body, you could see that the elbows are at 90deg right-angles with your forearm/hands directly out in front. Does that make sense? Sorry I’m not there to show you. But, try it. What that does is rest your head/neck/top of shoulders, so that you do not have to move anything that shouldn’t, including your head.

    As to this sketch, I think it’s lovely and would make terrific napkins or wallpaper perhaps, tablecloth even with beautiful white only napkins, white china. :)

    • I know! :( I have been trying to rearrange my work desk to be comfortable, trying a few different things this week & yes what you wrote makes total sense. Umm I am not above my keyboard? Maybe thats it.
      Thanks for the help Janina :)

      • to quote you: “….Umm I am not above my keyboard? Maybe thats it…..” After reading this statement, I’m extremely curious to find out how you type now!! LOL!!

    • Thank you :) I hadn’t either & but kept seeing them in shops. After I had bought my first set I found out they have blending qualities, so you can actually blend different shades of 1 colour together. I love them :)

  2. Ouch! Get better, don’t reply. Lie down on the floor with your butt against a sofa and legs on top, like you are sitting in a chair, with your arms out left and right, palm up. Stay there at least 20 minutes at a time.

  3. I was hoping to see maybe a bit more of this Magnolia … Really Really Lovely !
    Sending get better wishes over the oceans of miles Alana ;-)

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