Dragonfly Photography

I love this Dragonfly photograph I took in the holidays. But there is a wee few things that could make it perfect & I didn’t quite get there.

Regardless I love the composition, the out of focus branch leading you in & out of the photograph, the position of the Dragonfly & the soft brown tones in the background.

What do you think?

Dragonfly Photography

© The Little Leaf 2013

18 thoughts on “Dragonfly Photography

  1. What a beautiful picture – you did very well! I like the diffuse background, it focuses your attention on those gorgeous wings. This chap must be the giraffe dragonfly? ;-)

    I love dragonflies and often also spend inordinate amounts of time beside water to capture their stationary moments.

    • Well – to be honest, it was my 2nd trip to this park. The 1st time I took tonnes of photos & got nothing. This time some of the Dragonflies kept going back to the exact same part of a plant no matter how close I got :) Thanks for visiting :)

  2. You are so good …. your photos of dragonflies … are so wonderful – delicate, I don’t think it’s fair that they only live for a day – when they give us so much beauty.

    • Ummm I wish the wings closest to the viewer were in focus.. the tips of them aren’t & also the Dragonflies eyes/face are not as sharp as I would of liked. Maybe I am being picky? Thanks for your comment Dave

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