Shoot it, Sketch it – Orange Rose

For today’s Shoot it, Sketch it I have chosen to use a photograph of a Rose that I took at the Botanic Gardens in the holidays. I have new watercolours so I gave them another go. Its not an exact match & I left out the raindrops – But I was still quite happy with the outcome. I might just send it to my Grandma for her birthday next week :)

If you would like to join in with Shoot it, Sketch it (even every now & then), let us know when you do by leaving a note below & we will come & visit :)

Some other bloggers that join in occasionally or every week are, Clouds of ColourAnna Cull Illustration & DesignPoppytump and Lunchsketch.

Orange Flower

Orange Flower Watercolour

© The Little Leaf 2013

17 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it – Orange Rose

    • Thank you – this little feature of ours keeps me drawing too :) Its good because so much of the time I get stuck for drawing ideas – now I realise there are so many ways to draw just 1 photograph.

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