The Little Leaf 2012 Recap

I have been looking forward to sharing with you my favourite posts from 2012, But firstly I want to thank each & every 1 of you – your comments & visits keep me going. Thank you so much for your motivation & inspiration.

And to Bec from Clouds of Colour – you are so talented! Sharing ideas & encouraging each other has been so awesome, thank you for introducing me to the world of blogging ♥

Anyways – here are my favourite & your favourite posts from 2012…….

 5 Days of Flower Drawings

5 Days of Flower Drawings

A to Z Photo Project: W – Water

Lake Te Anau

NZ Holiday – Skeleton Leaves

Skeleton Leaves (1)

A Friendly Peacock


My Drawings

Flower Drawings

I am really excited about this year and what 2013 will bring.

Thanks once again, Wishing you all the best for the New Year x

21 thoughts on “The Little Leaf 2012 Recap

  1. Just wonderful, little leaf. Thank you, thank you for sharing your talents with us this past year. I’m looking forward to following you this new year.

  2. I have commenting on your drawing for month now – and they are always striking – so this time will .. I comment on that skeleton leaf and the majestic peacock – also striking *smile …. can’t wait for what this year will bring.

  3. I like this selection; shows how talented you are! Happy New Year to you, little leaf; I look forward to more wonderful creations from you. Greetings from Melbourne, and much good luck with sales. :D

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