Dragonfly Wings

Last Saturday I went to the Botanical Gardens to try & capture some Dragonfly photos – this trip was completely unsuccessful. I didn’t have 1 photo where the Dragonflies head/eyes were in focus.

I do however have these photos that I have cropped from my bad ones & I absolutely love them! The patterns & colours in their wings (almost metallic like) are so beautiful! Some of these shots look almost abstract & I think they are so pretty!

I did go back to the gardens yesterday & get a few good shots which I am excited to share with you very soon.

Dragonfly Wings

© The Little Leaf 2012

15 thoughts on “Dragonfly Wings

  1. Hello! Nice to see your dragonfly wings too! Not so easy to photograph, fortunately the one I shot hung around for a good while as I fumbled with the camera. Will try for some more, today it is raining so they (and me) are in hiding. In peace…..kai

      • Yes, here they hang on a tree bare of leaves. They blend in so well, hard to distinguish from the branches. As it warms up, lots more will show up. Will try again to capture their jeweled wings. In peace……

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