A Dying Flower

Hello Friends, How are we all after Christmas & Boxing Day?

I went back to the Botanical Gardens & got a few shots last Saturday – so I will share some of these with you. I love the colours that came through in this shot & the last petals that are still attached to the flower. I’m still finding it quite tricky to get the right bits in focus – any tips?

Dying Flower

© The Little Leaf 2012

3 thoughts on “A Dying Flower

  1. I like the bokehed purple in the background, which marries up with the purple in the flowerhead. What flower is it, BTW? It’s nice to know these things.

    Tips: I guess that depends on what you are photographing. Often, just a different angle will present you with that aha moment, ie an overhead view, for instance, rather than a side view, like this posting; or moving around the subject to see which side is the more presentable (that is what I meant by ‘different angle’). Using the inbuilt viewfinder focusing points to choose what you want to have really sharp. Lots of things you can do…..just keep tryin’.

    Happy New Year to you….soon 2013 will be upon us, and we start it all over again! :O)

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