Lightning in Queensland

Myself & my partner have been trying for so long to capture another good lightning photo! The weather forecast always tells us there are storms coming -that don’t happen & a lot of the time its only flash lightning not fork. Then there is actually managing to capture a photo like this as well – so its been a very long time since we have been successful! Anyway,  last Monday we were – a big storm came through & we got a couple of shots.

Have you captured any good lightning photos? Post me the link I would love to see them!

Enjoy x

Lightning in Queensland

© The Little Leaf 2012

13 thoughts on “Lightning in Queensland

  1. Superb ! I have never managed to catch one even on multi burst lolol
    … and what a place you live too Alana with that view :-)

  2. This a mazing …. so clear and that lightning so powerful – that view of yours are stunning too – I would never leave home *smile stayed at a stunning hotel in Bostón, US .. with room on 38th floor and harbour view – couldn’t sleep because of the view. I was just looking at it from my bed. Fantastic photo. Well done.

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