The World through my Galaxy Note

Photos from the week that’s been -Some new purchases, a beautiful turquoise bird ornament & the Frankie 2013 diary, a few thunderstorms & a bit of week night drawing & pattern making. Enjoy ♥

© The Little Leaf 2012

13 thoughts on “The World through my Galaxy Note

      • Not that easy to capture lighting … because it happens so quickly. I think you captured the dramatic skies .. beautifully.
        Thanks for voting. If I hadn’t been up with 4 top photos I wouldn’t be pushing .. but I’m so close .. and I really want to win this one. *smile – don’t even know what the prize is.

      • I have captured a couple of good lightning photos over the years, but lately its been a lot of flash lightning not fork! So sitting on my balcony waiting for the fork lightning a lot :) But yes the storm clouds are just as interesting until we get some good fork lightning :) Oh I hope you win!!!

      • As a child was I so afraid of the thunder, but so fascinated by the lightning – I think you should do a post with your lighting photos – I love photos with drama … and action.
        The camera need a slow shutter .. for lightning and a very steady arm – so I hope you’re not drinking wine while you’re waiting for the right shot. Is that view over the city from your balcony – stunning … I would love a view like that too.

        Just checked .. in leading posion just now with only 5 votes .. and it’s 24 hours left – but the 3 photos next to me are really good.

      • Ok – I’ll put them up at some stage – I think I have 3 or 4 :) Yeah myself & my partner sit there, camera on tripod & wait :) Most probably with a wine :) Yes it is my balcony view, I love it. Oh wow – 5 votes ahead – its close alright!

      • Enjoy your waiting and wine, with a tripod you have a steady hand.
        Let me know if you caught something.

        Too close for comfort really *laughing.

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