Shoot it, Sketch it – Rose

Monday again already & not long until Christmas! I have some exciting things coming up – a few prints to put up on my shop & a Christmas Sale which will start hopefully this weekend. Also tomorrow I might start sharing the Christmas Treasuries I have been putting together on Etsy – they have made me very excited about the festive season.

My Rose Drawing this week was inspired by this macro shot I took at the Mount Tamborine Botanical Gardens. I wanted to try something different again this week, I haven’t tried the doodle/zentangle style of drawing on a Shoot it, Sketch it post yet so I thought I would give it a whirl using this photo for inspiration.


Pop over to Clouds of Colour & Anna Cull Illustration & Design to see more of Shoot it, Sketch it Mondays :)

© The Little Leaf 2012

13 thoughts on “Shoot it, Sketch it – Rose

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  2. Just gorgeous! Love your interpretation, especially the different patterns you’ve used in the sketch. ‘Shoot it, Sketch it’ – what a wonderful idea!

    (ps. I found your blog via your Etsy profile – you included one of my items in a treasury!)

  3. Your photo is magical … so beautiful of that single bud – but I think your drawing is too bold and dramatic … hope you don’t mind me saying it. It I hadn’t see the photo – I would look at your drawing differently, because the drawing is very good.

    • Haha no I don’t mind you saying that :) The drawing is very bold, unlike the soft & delicate Rose bud – I was trying a different approach – I think it was more not trying to represent the photograph but using it as inspiration for a Rose Zentangle :) I always appreciate your feedback Viveka :)

      • Great, because I don’t want to upset my favorite artist. I understood that you wanted to do something different to what the rose really showed, only that I fell in love with the photo and drawing didn’t click with me as it used to do.

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