NZ Holiday – Close ups by the sea…

Here is a collection of photos I took in Bluff of an old bridge by the sea. Bluff is a town & seaport on the southern coast of the South Island & the southern-most town in New Zealand. These close ups came from the same place I took the photo An Old Bridge in 2011. I love all of the rust & decay in these photos & the barnacles that have found their home on whats left of the bridge.

© The Little Leaf 2012

10 thoughts on “NZ Holiday – Close ups by the sea…

  1. Beautiful images :D I am off to the coast next week, and you’ve inspired me to be on the lookout for such fantastic textures and colours.

  2. The first one’s my very favorite, Alana. What amazing colors nature can bring forth from what we do to her natural minerals! I’ve been to Bluff too, and though I’m not an oyster fan, I surely do love the way you prepare and present scallops there! The King’s Table, I believe, was the name of the restaurant, and I think that was the best seafood I’ve ever eaten. Wonderful place!

    • Oh wow you have been to Bluff :D Yes I am not a big fan of oysters either. In fact any seafood & I had it all at my doorstep. Yes aren’t they colours of rust & decay beautiful!

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