NZ Holiday – Queens Park Orchids…

Yay it’s Friday! Here is the last of my photos from Queens Park – a couple of close ups of some very pretty Orchids. Over the next few days I have a few photos from the same place I snapped An Old Bridge – in Bluff NZ.

Enjoy xx

© The Little Leaf 2012

12 thoughts on “NZ Holiday – Queens Park Orchids…

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  2. Beautiful close-up shots. Its in the perfect spot between ‘soft’ and ‘crisp’. Lovely work with the available light. Were these taken with a macro lens? If yes, what specifications?

    • Hi Nikhil, Thanks for visiting :) I actually snapped these photos with my little Canon G9. I love how well it takes them – I actually just switched to macro mode. I do have a Nikon D90, but don’t have a macro lens as of yet.

  3. So beautiful! Do you mind if I try to paint some of your orchids in a “loose” sort of way with watercolour? I will definitely credit you as the photographer for the inspiration. [Unless the paintings are really terrible, in which case, they will never see the light of day!!]. Please feel free to say No – I would totally understand and will respect your copyright.

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