NZ Holiday – Bright Orange Leaves…

Happy Friday all,

I arrived back from NZ last night after celebrating the life of my Nana at home after her passing.

So I’m back to sharing more photography from my holiday in NZ at the start of June. The tree I took these photos from (to come) was just about the last tree in the Botanical Gardens that had leaves left on it. I love how bright & orange they are – especially against the beautiful blue sky.

Enjoy x

18 thoughts on “NZ Holiday – Bright Orange Leaves…

  1. The celebration of rememberance is so important. I share your mixed emotions, as my mom moved on very recently, too. Lovely shots, Alana, especially the first one. I love autumn in NZ–there really are colors that are different from those found anywhere else.

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  3. Alana, welcome back. I know you will remember your grandmother with love, and smile at all the remembrances.

    Oh, I so love the leaves…these photos are reminding me of when I grew up in the northeastern USA, and the beautiful crisp, cool autumn mornings! I miss that so much as I now live in SE Texas USA, and we have two seasons…spring and summer.

    So thank you very much for stirring in me the remembrances of cooler days, and beautiful landscapes, collecting leaves. and feeling alive. I look forward to autumn every year with the hopes of those same experiences.

    Blessings for the day,

    • Thanks Marianne, Autumn in NZ is absolutely beautiful. The colours are so vibrant. The photo I am about to upload shows one of the last trees in the park with leaves on it. (Same tree as the close ups). It was definitely crisp when I was capturing these shots :D

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