NZ Holiday – Skeleton Leaves

When I was walking back to the car at Peel Forrest I noticed these skeleton leaves on the grass. It was weird – there was just 4 or 5 of them sitting on one spot of grass. I’ve done a bit of research to & found out how to make them, so I’ll have to give them ago – there are so many things I could use them for.

Anyways I think these skeleton leaves look beautiful in black & white.

25 thoughts on “NZ Holiday – Skeleton Leaves

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  2. I’m with Louis. These are very contemplative and serene–and worthy of considerable study. Do I foresee some new drawings with these for inspiration? Imagine the additioinal serenity of repetition . . .

  3. Skeleton leaves are fascinating. I would like to see someone make jewellery with them, like a resin-embedding process or something, that preserves the delicacy.

  4. Super shots and they do look good in B&W. They certainly have lots of potential for design work – perhaps sections blown up and cropped as abstract images?

  5. Hi there,
    Yes I agree with you they look very crisp in black and white. I can see all the little details of the “skeleton leaves”. Good photos!

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