Another African inspired painting…

Hey all, 3 sleeps until we go to New Zealand!!!!

I might be away from my computer for a couple of weeks but I am sure I will have loads to show you when I get back!

This is an African inspired painting I started & finished in the weekend & I’m so proud of myself! Usually it takes me weeks to complete a painting – I must of been very into this one! I find it so much easier when I have a theme & colour scheme already in place.

Enjoy & happy Tuesday


9 thoughts on “Another African inspired painting…

  1. What a lovely blog! Do you ever create ACEO works or Artist Trading Cards (those 2.5×3.5″ miniatures)? If so, I would love to see them. I have a brand new blog celebrating us all as artists with a focus (mostly) on ACEO (art cards editions and originals) at . I certainly like the artwork I have seen here! Do you have a website or are you selling anywhere online? I am enjoying your photography as well. My best to you, Cindy P.S. Thank you for follwing Stuccoloco!

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