Yay New Zealand in 2 weeks…

Its the weekend & 2 weeks until we go to New Zealand (the home land) on a 2 week holiday!

My partner & I have so many photos planned out & I cant wait to share them with you all! We are heading through the middle of the South Island in Winter time, its going to be so beautiful!

Anyways, I thought I would share a photo I took last time I went home.. this is a reminder of how much we will freeze! :)

9 thoughts on “Yay New Zealand in 2 weeks…

  1. Tut, tut, surely you will be prepared so that you do not freeze, Alana! Simply leave enough space in your bags to accommodate the new essential fleece comfort items you will stock up on at the nearest Kathmandu outlet to the airport of your arrival. How exciting–I love the South Island. You wrote “through the middle,” so you’ll probably be traversing Arthur’s Pass–or will it be Lewis or Haast? Whatever your route, I hope you plan on lots of time for stops along the way, and I wish you the best of photographic weather (overcast skies, no wind, and possibly a slight drizzle). Wish I were going with you–but then, I’ll be going again in February. Have fun!

    • Yes we have been stocking up on warm clothes ready to go! Umm yes by the middle I mean Lake Tekapo, Twizel, Wanaka etc etc.
      I am so looking forward to this trip! :) :)

  2. Happy weekend …..the trip will surely be a wonderful one. I hope to bring my family to south island sometime this Dec too….will look forward to your posts and photos

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