Blue watercolour flower on black…

I started playing around with watercolour – but not so controlled, then the normal black pen, but I tried this on a black background for something different. I like how strong this pattern is on black!

10 thoughts on “Blue watercolour flower on black…

  1. What’s exciting about this, to me, is the free form watercolor surrounded by crisp edges. I think you’re onto something here. I almost want the leaves below to be green watercolor too, but maybe that would lessen the impact. Nice work.

  2. that is cool. Did you start with a black piece of paper or did you fill the whole space in with black watercolor after you painted the blue areas? I’m trying to get my daughter to experiment with media other than colored pencil.

    • No I did the black background on Photoshop. Thought it would contrast really well with what I had drawn. So I drew the 1 drawing on paper & photographed it, then I made the pattern on Photoshop. Yes Watercolour is so much fun to play with!

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