A bunch of orange flowers pattern…

I thought I would have another play with pattern making, Now every drawing I do I just think about what it would look like in a pattern!

I love this one with all the lines from the stalks, the brightness, the contrast between the orange the white & the black. What do you think?

29 thoughts on “A bunch of orange flowers pattern…

  1. Heya! thanks for liking my post. Your drawings are amazing!!! I love this design so much! I wish there’s a curtain with these designs on or something. We’re moving to our new place soon and most curtains are boring!

  2. Looks like other people are echoing my own thoughts ref putting your patterns onto things other than just paper. This, like your blue floral one earlier, would make a great fabric; it is brightly coloured and has a really modern appeal.

  3. Lovely, simple yet perfect for paper. I’d love wall paper with this design, of course every wall in my cabin would have a different littleleaf pattern. Picking just one would be impossible. JT

  4. You are getting so good at this; you must be truly inspired, and it shows. Have you approached anyone who could incorporate your ideas into commercial fabrics? I remember your saying that you have considered it, but it seems like it might be time to act on it. If I were renovating, reupholstering, etc., your work would brighten up any room. Go for it!

    • Thank you so much, you comment has motivated me all afternoon! I have done 4 drawings tonight since I got home from work, So watch this space :) & I shall start looking at contacts

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