Floral plant design…

Hi all,

Today I thought I would share a watercolour/black pen drawing I did last night.

For me this type of drawing is the most enjoyable. I don’t plan anything & just see where the watercolour takes me, then I let it dry & just doodle on it with my black pen.

Actually I might have to make a pattern with this one also!!!

22 thoughts on “Floral plant design…

  1. this is amazing alana… i love seeing your creations. i still have those drawings you have done for me over the years. much love.. xxxx

  2. What I’ve seen so far, your pen line and pattern work is really strong. This would look really good on all sorts of things; cards, notepaper and it would make a great embroidery pattern, too (although I can’t sew :( ). In an era when artwork is so multicoloured, the beauty of the “simple” line is often overlooked. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Finn, No I don’t actually, with my doodles I just see where my pen takes me! Those patterns are ones I’ve drawn for a few years now, I think I’ve drawn them so many times :)

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