My leaf pattern design…

Pattern, Day 3

Today for myself & Becs pattern project I doodled some little leaf designs & then played around with them on Photoshop & I totally love the outcome!

I have always had intentions to do this with my drawings & I am so glad I finally have!

Any ideas of what I could use it for?

31 thoughts on “My leaf pattern design…

  1. I stick by my suggestion in a comment to an earlier post, your designs would make great fabric patterns. This post has made me think it even more. Gorgeous.

  2. I would have said this design would look really fresh on bedding, but the idea of starting out with a cushion cover is good and then you could try the design on bigger pieces of fabric once you know how :)

  3. I agree, I think this pattern is absolutely perfect for fabric or wallpaper. A lot of your designs seem ideal for that to me. I’d buy a chair upholstered in this in a heartbeat! :)

  4. Your best bet is to transfer your artwork onto Illustrator. You can create a ‘swatch’ with a small section of your pattern and it will repeat indefinitely no mater what shape you put the pattern in. You can also enlarge the pattern or reduce in size and not get any pixelation. Photoshop is a great program, but i suggest learning Illustrator, i think it’ll suit your needs more. Then you can play around with effects by transferring the illustrator file to Photoshop.
    A lot to swallow!

    • Hi Jessica, Thank you so much for your feedback, I no nothing about Illustrator but I think I want to learn because I had so much fun designing that pattern! I have heard that that’s the program I need for this :) I shall look into it! Thanks for the info :)

      • No worries. Illustrator is very easy once you get the hang of it! :) If you ever have a question about it I can always try my best to help out. Been using it for YEARS!

  5. I’ve been wanting to do this with my art for so long…I just never knew how to get the repeat design effect. I love what you’ve done! This could be used for note cards, fabric, decorative paper, etc. Nice job!

    • Marianne, I had never tried it before either until last night. It was easier then I thought. So its a matter of cutting it out on Photoshop & just making heaps of copies of the pattern & I just spent time arranging them together :) I could make wrapping paper! Oh wow!

  6. Beautiful.
    I’ve read both you and Becs talking about how you use Photoshop to transform your designs to patterns. How do you do it? Do you scan your images?
    (If it’s a trade secret, you can always whisper it to me :-) )

    • No trade secret! haha. Ummm I’m actually not too good on Photoshop, semi learning. But I take a photo of my drawing & upload it then there is a tool on Photoshop called the lasso & you can cut your design out. Once its cut out your free to move it how you please! :)

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