Natural pattern, drawn pattern…

Pattern, Day 2:

On Sunday I had a brainwave to go and pick some leaves out of the garden at my complex, paint 1 side & take a print of it on paper. I had a ball & I have sooo many prints to play with!

This one I like as it shows the contrast between a natural leaf pattern & something more abstract that I have drawn, I love them side by side & I will definitely play with this idea some more :)

Make sure you check out Bec’s pattern at Clouds of Colour!

27 thoughts on “Natural pattern, drawn pattern…

  1. I sure like your art, Alana. On the abstract one, did you start with the real leaf pattern and then add it it? I’m art helpless and would like to see my kids try something like this.

  2. Alana, you really caught the essence of what a leaf looks like when it begins to lose its substance through either decay or being eaten from the inside. I don’t know if that is what you were going for, but it’s what came to my mind instantly. Beautiful!


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