Silver Fern frond inspired drawing…

Such a cosy & rainy Saturday morning, I feel this is going to be a very productive weekend!

This is a drawing I worked away on last night, inspired by the Silver Fern frond.

11 thoughts on “Silver Fern frond inspired drawing…

  1. I find it interesting how a rainy day inspires you. In our part of the world, it barely rains..but whenever it does, the grey clouds can do anything but inspire me! :) (I know…everyone is different)
    I really like the style in your work..i do appreciate it..keep it coming!

    • You know why..
      Its because its always so hot here, all you want to do is get out & about & not be indoors. So when its sooo wet outside, I have no reason not to paint/draw and get comfy :) haha. Thank you :)

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