A to Z Photo Project.. the end :)

Just had a wee play around with the 26 photos from my A to Z Photo Project…. Thanks for all the comments, they definitely kept me going :)

Any ideas for another project? It was very motivational!

21 thoughts on “A to Z Photo Project.. the end :)

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  3. They really do make a fantastic, high quality gallery. I came in rather late in the day and its helpful to see them all together. Its been a very successful project with several imaginative interpretations.

  4. Nicee gallery =) hey I’ve heard about this one – photograph one object in different scenarios for a month or so… might be fun ;) hey maybe i’ll start doing that :P

  5. Amazing set you did. I loved them all. Thank you for visiting my blog, I am so glad to meet with you and with your beautiful blog… How beautiful title of your blog too. Thank you, I wish you 2012 to be your year. With my love, nia

  6. How about resurrecting and highlighting a favorite photo from the same date but from a bygone year? I like this idea, and may well act on it myself. Congratulations on completing your project!

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