The colour purple…

Heres a collection of some purple flowers I’ve taken photos of, If anyone knows their names please feel free to let me know :)

5 thoughts on “The colour purple…

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  3. Dear Little leaf,

    now this I can help with… first is a dutch hybrid crocus I think ..quite big and chunky compared to species crocus, top and bottom right are anemones, one in bud and one almost over, they also come in white, cream, shades of pink and scarlet, the one on the bottom left is a perennial cornflower which grows in my garden in England and has to be dealt with severly or it would take over.

    Lovely photos of South Island, all my rellies there seem to show us are pictures of people on horses and dead animals they’ve shot!!! and themselves obviously….! Different world. Thanks for following my blog and I love to see another doodler out there ( I am too shy to publish the weird doodles I do!)
    Cheers Alison ( lemonaday)

    • Thanks for the info about the Crocus, I actually have a few more photos so at least I can name them! :)
      And yes I love to doodle, would love to see your ones?
      The South Island is a beautiful place :)

  4. The first flower looks like a crocus, and the photo underneath maybe a corn flower?? Not sure about the second and forth, although the second could be a purple poppy in its early stages??

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