A few changes on The Little Leaf Blog

Hello friends, This week I am making a few changes on The Little Leaf blog, I am changing over to self-hosted so I can offer advertising on my blog :)

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This week may be very quiet, but I have some exciting projects coming up, so watch this space! Thanks x

Dragonfly Photography

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Pretty Macros

Wow first day of March yesterday & the first day of Autumn. Can you believe we are into the 3rd month of the year?! I am off to buy a guillotine today & then I need to start working on an exciting up & coming drawing project. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. x

Macro Pretties

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We went for a family outing in the Christmas Holidays to this beautiful place in the Tamborine Mountains called St Bernards Hotel. My partners Sister was keen to have a play with our Macro Lens & luckily enough the gardens there were buzzing with life! I have never seen so many Grasshoppers, Bees & Butterflies in one place & I must go back.


Grasshopper Grasshopper 2

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Treasury Tuesday – Beautiful Black and White

Weekend Doodling and Pattern Making

Finally after weeks of procrastinating I made myself sit down & draw this weekend!

I grabbed my favourite coloured Copic Makers & my thin tipped black pens & just went for it. Inspiration came from a paisley pattern book I own. After finishing the drawing I scanned it into the computer & made a pattern on Photoshop – I haven’t done this for ages! So much fun! :)

Flower Drawing

Flower Drawing 2

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